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Episode 57 of Meet the Clickers is here! This week Lyane found a spare five minutes to sit down with me and discuss everything from strange accents to her soup club preparation!

Hi Lyane, I hope you’re well. How did you start at Click Dealer?

I was looking for a new opportunity and was contacted by Gerry having been introduced by a mutual contact. I came in to speak with Gerry to learn about Click Dealer, discuss my skills and how I could fit in and help Click Dealer grow. Having worked in large corporations previously, it was refreshing to see what an SME was innovating and the passion to make it work.

I realised Click Dealer has a lot of data at its fingertips that can be used for key business decisions as well as using the data for the benefit of its customers. I was excited by the prospect of what could be done.

Interesting, how has your role changed since you started?

When I first started at Click, there wasn’t anyone dedicated to the data itself and the knowledge of how much power the data had was minimal. Over the eight months I’ve been at Click, the knowledge and excitement about what data can do has grown massively, which I love, being the data geek I am!

I have created logs to make Customer Cares’ lives easier, dashboards for product performance views and we are regularly producing bespoke reports for our dealers. Just before Christmas, the Data Team expanded with the addition of Sophie, who has now taken over a lot of the regular reporting and ad hoc data requests.

I believe I’m right in saying you weren’t lucky enough to be born in the North! What would you say is the weirdest thing we do or say is?

There are plenty of sayings that I really don’t understand. Someone said, ‘can you kick a ball against a wall without it bursting’. Due to their accent, it was gibberish to me unfortunately! Oatcakes are weird things too.

Even I struggle with some of the phrases Poody comes up with every now and then! If you could live in any movie universe, where would you choose?

This is a tricky one, I don’t really have favourite films or follow any movie franchises. I suppose if I had to live in a movie it would be something like Clueless or Mean Girls; going back to 90s fashion and the constant cheesy music would be fun.

I like it! I’ve also been told your sweet drawer is always fully stocked, what do you always ensure is topped up?

I have to have a good mix of sweet and savoury. So, I’ve always got crisps in there, peanut butter is a must too; smooth of course. I’ve not kept on top of it recently but if I did I’d definitely have jelly sweets in there!

I doubt it’s on Jamie’s level just yet! Are there any tv shows or movies you refuse to watch no matter how many times they’re recommended?

Breaking Bad or Sons of Anarchy. There are about 9 seasons of 20 something episodes and I just haven’t got time for that. I also avoid all horror movies!

I’m exactly the same, who wants to spend hours catching up? I hear you’re a keen home cook, what’s your favourite thing to make?

I’ve got a subscription to Simply Cook that sends you all the stocks and spices you need for each recipe. From that I’ve made paella, and tonight I’m making a veggie curry! It’s nice to experience food from different cultures and obviously it’s normally quite healthy. I’ve enjoyed making soup over winter too.

Is that a cover for your soup club practise? You’ll need all the training you can get to compete with Pip! What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

There’s a book called Lexicon by Max Barry. It’s a fictional piece, but it’s all about the power of words. They trained people to use phrases and syllables to control people. It sounds a bit strange but it’s really interesting!

Are you a cat or dog person?

Cats. I’ve got one myself, but I’d love a dog. If I had more time to properly look after a dog I’d definitely have one. I’d love to take Ziggy home!

I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t like Ziggy! What would you like to know more about?

I love Scandinavian culture and their approach to life. I‘m currently learning more about Hygge and how to live a Hygge lifestyle.

What’s something you’ll never do again?

Zorbing. I’ll definitely never do that again. I’m not a fan of rollercoasters, or anything along those lines, but my friend bought me a zorbing experience for my birthday. We were both strapped into this ball facing each other and we’re rolling and bouncing down this hill towards a net that’s supposed to slow our progress to a gentle crawl. The net actually stopped us dead with me at the top of the ball staring over my friend; how I didn’t throw up on her I’ll never know!

I wasn’t expecting that answer… What do you love most about working at Click?

For me it’s the freedom to have ideas and know I can take them to people and they’ll be listened to. With my role, I can look at the data, find something in it and take it to whoever I need and say if we did this, this and this we could have x, y and z effect on something. I know I can take these things to Gerry, Ollie, Pip or Shaun and they’d follow me along with it. That’s how the CRM came about. It’s nice knowing you’re listened to and a part of it, rather than just being expected to sit there and be quiet.

Perfectly summed up, it’s nice to hear it from a different side of the business too!

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