Meet the Clickers – Kieran Brown

Welcome back to another episode of Meet the Clickers!

This week I caught up with one of our award winning tech programmers, Kieran Brown!

Hiya Kie! How are we mate? Good to catch up. Could you tell the readers at home when you joined Click?

“Alright mate! Yeah I’m great ta shug, I joined click just under 2 years ago, 3rd October 2016 to be precise. I’d recently moved to Stoke-on-Trent and needed a local place to work, it all fell into place beautifully.”

Nice one! Could you now tell us a bit about your current role within the business?

“Sure buddy, I joined Click as part of the new product team, I’ve been working very closely with Mr. Steve Deighton developing some ace products. One that can’t go without a mention that I’m sure you’re all familiar with by now is Click Dealer’s award winning product – ClickEngage.

While Steve focuses more on colouring in, I play a part in developing Web API’s. Now I’ve really struggled to explain what this is so I’m going to leave you with this top description from Google.

“a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features or data of an application”

Giving an example from ClickEngage, the API allows the ability to enquire, store the part exchange and get a valuation, reserve, arrange a callback, receive emails/sms etc.”

Hahaha, thanks for clearing that up, you’d lost me there. If you could choose one person to be your mentor, who would it be and why?

“Taylor Otwell, a name that probably won’t mean anything to anybody reading this, is the founder of a popular PHP Framework – Laravel/Lumen. As sad as it is my entire life revolves around programming and without this guy the applications I have developed wouldn’t be as they are today.

He’s a big inspiration to a lot of developers and his efforts have definitely made me a better programmer. Big up.”

What are your 3 favourite video games of all time?

“This is a tough one, I’m not as big into gaming as I used to be but I can definitely name 3, all quite recently released/played actually.”

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
  • God of War

What is the hardest thing you have ever done?

“I guess mentally, living with university students for 2 years while trying to get up fresh for a 9am start. I can’t even remember the amount of sleepless nights and hungover days. Although on the other side I was living the dream, university life while earning plenty of dolla!”

What is your proudest achievement in life so far?

“My proudest achievement so far has to be having a massive part in the development of an award winning product in such early stages of my programming career. It’s not everyday you’re given the opportunity to develop a product from scratch that thousands of consumers get to use.”

For sure Kie, you’ve all definitely smashed it with ClickEngage. Favourite Netflix series of all time?

“I’ve only had Netflix for 2 months so I’ve not quite scraped the surface of content yet! But I’m quite into psychological series, especially horror, so I’d have to say Hannibal.

My favourite series of all time however would have to be Game of Thrones, team Night King!”

If you were a dictator of a small nation, what crazy dictator stuff would you do?

“Finish what my grandfather started…”

What is worth spending more on to get the best?

“Everything, I’m absolutely terrible with money. Being a techy I would have to say anything hardware related, you buy cheap you buy again. My other half would probably disagree though, I’m not quite sure she agreed with buying a £1500 TV, which then obviously needed a high spec sound-bar to go with it.”

Haha, brilliant. Last but not least, what do you love most about working at Click?

“Other than the absolute obvious, the clickers themselves, there’s countless reasons. There’s freedom in development. The attitude, willingness and creativity of employees and everybody’s ideas are always welcomed!

But the main thing I love about Click, is the support and investment you get from the business. Click Dealer invest in their staff more than any other business I’ve seen. One example is having access to unlimited training resources through what we call ClickAcademy! We get personal development time fortnightly on a friday afternoon to further develop ourselves which gives us the opportunity to improve or learn something new!

The banter between Austin and Shane, 2 other tech team members, is also quite enjoyable to listen to.”

What a fantastic answer! Probably the best one we’ve had so far so kudos to you for that Kie.

Well Kieran, as always a big thank you for taking some time out of your day to get involved in Meet the Clickers, I hope you enjoyed it! As for everyone reading at home, I hope you all enjoyed the latest instalment of our series, the next addition will be out this time next week but if that’s too long to wait, please click here to check out our other episodes.

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Meet the Clickers – Pip Moxham

Episode 53 of Meet the Clickers sees us meet Head of Marketing Pip! We sat down last week to discuss celebrity crushes and the Wednesday Club!

Hi Pip, I hope you’re well. Could you tell us all how you started at Click please?

Before working at Click I used to work at a Digital Agency in Manchester, where I had worked for just over 6 years.  Ollie and I had discussed me working at Click for a few years but I wanted to wait for the right opportunity. I came in for a meeting with Gerry to talk about the skills that I can bring to Click and the vision for the future, he offered me the job and it has been a perfect match ever since.

I already knew a few of the Clickers from nights out and I’d already worked with Shaun Alcock and Steve Deighton in my previous job, not to mention that half of Click are actually my family haha so it was the perfect transition for me and I was kindly welcomed with open arms.

How has your job changed since you started with us?

When I first started at Click in November 2016 I worked in the Web and Tech team helping to organise the studio throughput and sprint planning. I then moved up to the Marketing department about 9 months later to work closely with Jamie to help to shape our fabulous Marketing Team.

My department is split into three sub departments, Click Dealer Marketing, Social Media and Content Creation, our responsibilities include work for our dealership customers as well as the overall marketing and communications for the business across different channels.

Have you and Ollie decided on the colour theme for the baby’s bike leathers yet?

Ha-ha, it will not be going anywhere near a bike or sidecar! He has got a Valentino Rossi baby grow but that’s as close as he’s getting.

With any luck he’ll prefer cars anyway! What do you wish you knew more about?

How to be a parent would be good!

How did you earn the nickname ‘The Scoffer’?

I sit next to super healthy Joe Podmore and he always gives me a judging look when I eat anything remotely unhealthy. At the moment I’m eating quite a lot of it too, so he’s got a constant frown of disapproval.

We all know Joe loves a Chico’s though, don’t feel too bad Pip! What’s the Wednesday Club and how do we join?

Wednesday Club started when my Dad came around every Wednesday for pasta and wine night, we’ve expanded our menu choices since then though! Ollie’s also involved in it and we did have a quiz team with the same name consisting of myself, Ol, my Dad, Joe and Jake Mallin. We weren’t very good, so we canned that off pretty quickly!

That does sound like a fun group to be in. Ron Munn mentioned the ‘Visitor Chode’ could you expand on this?

As bad as it may sound, the answer is actually quite innocent! I was speaking in a meeting and instead of saying Ron is auditing all our dealers that were using the Visitor Chat code on their website, it instead came out as Visitor Chodes… I couldn’t contain myself after that, so I had to end the meeting!

Haha, I’ve heard you make a few of those slip ups in fairness! Is it true that your celebrity crush bares a striking resemblance to your Husband, Ollie?

Oooh yeah, well I think he does. I’m a big fan of Jamie Dornan, I can’t help it. I think I saw him in Fifty Shades first!

Is it true that you’ve eaten at so many restaurants and pubs in the Staffordshire area that the county is thinking of introducing the ‘Pipchellin’ star, as you eat out more often than most food critics anyway?

I do like to eat out. I’d definitely be up for the Pipchellin Star though, I think I’d be a harsh critic! I’ve got a few places in mind already! As everyone already knows, I’m a big fan of pie (much to Joe’s amusement) so whenever I eat one I like I often report back to my friends. I quite like the Plume of Feathers; their pie is really good.

We do love a pie in marketing! None more so than Jamie! What trend do you hope makes a return?

I’d love to see double denim make a comeback!

What risks are worth taking?

Anything that makes you happy.

It’s a shame Ben Wood doesn’t use that logic when taking out another Vale season ticket; who could be happy supporting them? What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

You get out what you put in, so the harder you work the bigger your reward will be.

What do you love most about working at Click?

Of course, I love my fellow marketers, but I also love working for a family business. Working with their spouse would drive most people mad, but I love working with Ol and the rest of the family. It’s a great place where your ideas are listened to and valued, you also leave everyday knowing you’ve made a difference!

Spot on Pip, we really do make a difference don’t we!

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone for supporting this series throughout the year, it continues to be one of our top performing blogs and we’ve got big plans for it in the future… Don’t forget to join us again in 2019 to meet more of our Wonderful Clickers!

Al Bakes

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Meet the Clickers – Lyane Bartlett

Episode 57 of Meet the Clickers is here! This week Lyane found a spare five minutes to sit down with me and discuss everything from strange accents to her soup club preparation!

Hi Lyane, I hope you’re well. How did you start at Click Dealer?

I was looking for a new opportunity and was contacted by Gerry having been introduced by a mutual contact. I came in to speak with Gerry to learn about Click Dealer, discuss my skills and how I could fit in and help Click Dealer grow. Having worked in large corporations previously, it was refreshing to see what an SME was innovating and the passion to make it work.

I realised Click Dealer has a lot of data at its fingertips that can be used for key business decisions as well as using the data for the benefit of its customers. I was excited by the prospect of what could be done.

Interesting, how has your role changed since you started?

When I first started at Click, there wasn’t anyone dedicated to the data itself and the knowledge of how much power the data had was minimal. Over the eight months I’ve been at Click, the knowledge and excitement about what data can do has grown massively, which I love, being the data geek I am!

I have created logs to make Customer Cares’ lives easier, dashboards for product performance views and we are regularly producing bespoke reports for our dealers. Just before Christmas, the Data Team expanded with the addition of Sophie, who has now taken over a lot of the regular reporting and ad hoc data requests.

I believe I’m right in saying you weren’t lucky enough to be born in the North! What would you say is the weirdest thing we do or say is?

There are plenty of sayings that I really don’t understand. Someone said, ‘can you kick a ball against a wall without it bursting’. Due to their accent, it was gibberish to me unfortunately! Oatcakes are weird things too.

Even I struggle with some of the phrases Poody comes up with every now and then! If you could live in any movie universe, where would you choose?

This is a tricky one, I don’t really have favourite films or follow any movie franchises. I suppose if I had to live in a movie it would be something like Clueless or Mean Girls; going back to 90s fashion and the constant cheesy music would be fun.

I like it! I’ve also been told your sweet drawer is always fully stocked, what do you always ensure is topped up?

I have to have a good mix of sweet and savoury. So, I’ve always got crisps in there, peanut butter is a must too; smooth of course. I’ve not kept on top of it recently but if I did I’d definitely have jelly sweets in there!

I doubt it’s on Jamie’s level just yet! Are there any tv shows or movies you refuse to watch no matter how many times they’re recommended?

Breaking Bad or Sons of Anarchy. There are about 9 seasons of 20 something episodes and I just haven’t got time for that. I also avoid all horror movies!

I’m exactly the same, who wants to spend hours catching up? I hear you’re a keen home cook, what’s your favourite thing to make?

I’ve got a subscription to Simply Cook that sends you all the stocks and spices you need for each recipe. From that I’ve made paella, and tonight I’m making a veggie curry! It’s nice to experience food from different cultures and obviously it’s normally quite healthy. I’ve enjoyed making soup over winter too.

Is that a cover for your soup club practise? You’ll need all the training you can get to compete with Pip! What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

There’s a book called Lexicon by Max Barry. It’s a fictional piece, but it’s all about the power of words. They trained people to use phrases and syllables to control people. It sounds a bit strange but it’s really interesting!

Are you a cat or dog person?

Cats. I’ve got one myself, but I’d love a dog. If I had more time to properly look after a dog I’d definitely have one. I’d love to take Ziggy home!

I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t like Ziggy! What would you like to know more about?

I love Scandinavian culture and their approach to life. I‘m currently learning more about Hygge and how to live a Hygge lifestyle.

What’s something you’ll never do again?

Zorbing. I’ll definitely never do that again. I’m not a fan of rollercoasters, or anything along those lines, but my friend bought me a zorbing experience for my birthday. We were both strapped into this ball facing each other and we’re rolling and bouncing down this hill towards a net that’s supposed to slow our progress to a gentle crawl. The net actually stopped us dead with me at the top of the ball staring over my friend; how I didn’t throw up on her I’ll never know!

I wasn’t expecting that answer… What do you love most about working at Click?

For me it’s the freedom to have ideas and know I can take them to people and they’ll be listened to. With my role, I can look at the data, find something in it and take it to whoever I need and say if we did this, this and this we could have x, y and z effect on something. I know I can take these things to Gerry, Ollie, Pip or Shaun and they’d follow me along with it. That’s how the CRM came about. It’s nice knowing you’re listened to and a part of it, rather than just being expected to sit there and be quiet.

Perfectly summed up, it’s nice to hear it from a different side of the business too!

If you enjoyed this week’s episode, make sure you come back next week for a new instalment. If you can’t wait that long, click here to see our previous episodes!

Al Bakes

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Meet the Clickers – Celine Evans

Welcome back to another episode of Meet the Clickers!

This week I caught up with a second member of the Evans family and Love Island loather, Celine Evans!

Celine! How are you? Good to catch up. Could you tell the readers at home a bit about your Click journey so far? How did it come about?

“My journey at Click started last year in October after I left my job as an apprentice in childcare to become a Junior Writer at Click.

After a tough time trying to find my feet, I heard through my brother that there was a place going in the Marketing team and was forewarned that I’d get on well with some of the weirdos there, haha! Since then, I haven’t looked back!

Being a Clicker is my best experience yet!”

Great stuff! Now, I know you work in my team so I’m aware of what you do day-to-day, but could you give the people that don’t know some insight as to what your job includes?

“As a Junior Copywriter at Click, I generally tend to spend my time writing link building blogs that help increase search engine optimisation (SEO) for used car and van dealership websites.

In addition to that, I also write unique SEO content for dealer websites, which includes writing page content and writing about car makes, models and surrounding locations.

I’m basically responsible for helping dealers appear higher up on Google’s search engine results page (SERP) – so no pressure!”

Who has impressed you with what they’ve accomplished and why?

“I must admit that it’s a tough question to answer, as I think since I started last year, there’s been so much to celebrate and be proud of!

But, if I was to pinpoint someone who has particularly impressed me with what they have accomplished, it would have to be the three lovely directors, Gerry, Pip and Ollie as they have achieved so much over the last several months or so and I am certain they will continue to do so in the future.

A big shout out to them for being the best company directors ever!”

If you weren’t working at Click Dealer, what would you be doing instead?

“Haha, that’s not an easy one to answer, either! If I wasn’t working at Click Dealer, I’d probably be back in college studying a course that I’m disinterested in, which means I’d be even further away from starting my driving lessons!

If I wasn’t working here, I would be in a bit of a pickle for sure.”

What TV show or movie do you refuse to watch and why?

“Everyone will probably find this a shocker: it’s got to be Love Island! I refuse to watch it. I genuinely cannot put myself through the pain of watching a group of youths talk rubbish for an hour or so while we, at home, have to watch them sunning it up abroad for FREE! Haha.

It’s absolute madness!”

I’ve got to admit, I’m 100% with you on that one Celine, can’t be doing with Love Island! If you could bring 3 celebrities to a dinner party, who would you bring and why?

“At a dinner party, I’d have to bring Hayley Williams – decent music! Wentworth Miller – someone to keep it serious when I just can’t. And lastly, Daniel Craig because there’s nothing like getting there in James Bond’s Aston Martin!”

What’s the best ‘Dad joke’ you’ve ever heard? For example, one would be ‘Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Great food, no atmosphere.’ You get the idea….

“Haha! The best Dad joke I’ve ever heard has got to be ‘What do you call a cheese that’s not yours? Nacho cheese.’ I think it’s just the way people say ‘nacho cheese’ that has me in stitches so much.”

Haha! That’s a classic! Sticking with the food theme here then, if you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“Oooh, I’ve always had this one lined up. If I had to eat one meal for the rest of my life, it’d have to be fajitas because I adore spicy food and it’s got all you really need in there too! I’d be sorted for life.”

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

“On a serious note then, if I was ever lucky enough to win the lottery, the first thing I’d do with the money is buy my Mum her favourite car and pay her back every penny it cost her to raise me and my brothers by herself. She deserves the world and more in my eyes.”

Last but not least, what do you love most about working at Click?

“What I love most about working at Click, without a doubt is the people and the atmosphere! There’s no better feeling than coming to work in the morning and not feeling anxious or nervous about the day ahead and I think that everyone at Click will agree with me when I say, we’re all a family and we look out for each other no matter what!”

Ah Celine, what a wonderful thing to say!! You’re definitely bang on the money there. Well, a massive thank you for getting involved in Meet the Clickers, I really appreciate it.

As for everyone at home, we hope you all enjoyed the latest instalment of our series, the next addition will be out this time next week but if that’s too long to wait, please click here to check out our other episodes.

J Pod.

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Meet the Clickers Episode 36

Meet The Clickers is back with episode 36 to take you into the last weekend of July with a bang!

In the hot-seat this week is another of our Sales team, James Angelsea and by the end of reading this, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be trying to hum whilst holding your nose!

James! How are we mate? Good to catch up as always. Could you tell us a bit about your Click journey so far? How did it come about?

Ey up Poddy, I’m fantastic thanks mate, happy to be in the hot-seat!  I was working for another DMS company and fancied a change. I had heard a lot of good things about Click Dealer over the years, so thought I would get in touch, and as fate would have it, they were recruiting for my role at that time. After meeting with Lee Rawlinson (who is now my boss,) I was offered the job, and that was just over a year ago.

Great stuff. Could you now tell us about your current role within the business and how this has changed since you started?

When I started with Click, I was doing outbound field sales, which was a lot of time cold calling dealers, arranging meetings and going out to see them. My role has since changed, and I am now responsible for making sure our dealers are getting the best possible service, and ensuring they are utilising all of the great products which Click Dealer has to offer.

What are some small things that make your day better?

Seeing my two girls laugh and smile. Hearing my customers talk about how much they love Click Dealer. Oh and seeing people trip over… A bit wrong perhaps but always cracks me up!

What is the most ridiculous fact you know?

It’s impossible to hold your nose and hum… Mind = Blown!

If you were a dictator of a small island nation, what crazy dictator stuff would you do?

Crazy dictator stuff eh?  OK I would ban walking and make people run at full speed everywhere, and I would not let anyone sleep, ever.  I think things would get crazy pretty quickly!

What is the best gig/festival you have ever been to and why?

Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chilli peppers gigs stand out for me.  Also I used to go to a dance festival in Wales called Wakestock when I was a teenager. Some very good times were had there.

If you were hosting a dinner party and could invite any three famous people, living or dead, who would you invite and why?

Bruce Lee,  Richard Pryor, Scarlet Johannsen – interesting, funny, smoking hot.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

You know what, I love food so much that this question disturbs me slightly. But if I absolutely had to, probably pizza.

What are some fun alternatives to war that countries could settle their differences with?

Rock Paper Scissors, Conkers, Staring Contests and Dance Offs… Yeah, Dance Offs I think!

What are you most looking forward to in the next 10 years?

Seeing my kids grow up and exciting new technology like hoverboards and so on. Oh and then the next series of Rick and Morty… Can’t wait for that!

Who has impressed you most with what they have accomplished and why?

Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and our very own Gerry Moxham.  The concept of a person creating an empire out of nothing but their own imagination and self-belief is totally fascinating to me.  I am in awe of anyone who has that level of drive.

Lastly, what do you love most about working at Click?

Easy! The bosses.  I have worked for a lot of companies over the years in all sorts of different jobs, and I can honestly say I have never worked for people as decent as Lee and the Directors.  The rest of The Clickers are okay too I suppose!

Stunning stuff James and thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I’m off to try and hum a few Boyzone classics whilst holding my nose now… Until next time folks! 

I hope you all enjoyed the latest instalment of our series, the next addition will be out this time next week but if that’s too long to wait, please click here to check out our other episodes.

J Pod

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Meet the Clickers – Jacob Evans

Episode 55 of Meet the Clickers sees us meet Jacob, the final member of the Evans clan; for now anyway… He sat down with me to discuss his music taste and his unique talent!

Good morning Jacob, could you tell us all how you started at Click please?

I left my job at Grindeys Solicitors and for a while after I was left thinking about what I actually wanted to do, but I had no idea. Then I remembered both James and Celine would come home raving about how amazing it is to work at Click Dealer.

I came in for an interview to join the stock team. Kate and Ben Wood interviewed me and from there I’ve absolutely loved coming in every day. Definitely a dream job for sure.

Interesting, how has your job changed since you started?

So I started at Click Dealer in March of 2018 as a Stock Copier. I then progressed very quickly in to Customer Care. I loved working in both teams! Then I was invited to travel to Manchester with Megan and the stock team to do an onsite stock copy.

On the way home I mentioned to Megan that I would love to do what she does. Then like two weeks later Kate’s informing me that there’s a new role in the DMS team and that Megan’s recommended me for the position, and now I’m officially a member of the DMS team.

What’s this I’ve heard about you turning your ear inside out?

Haha, when I was younger it was just something I liked to do, it might sound weird, but it was kind of soothing! I was born with really weak ear cartilage so it’s just something I’ve always been able to do.

You’ll be on Britain’s Got Talent in no time! Can you explain the ‘I can smell humans’ story?

This one is more about Celine than me, we were out walking when we were younger and passed a group of people, Celine then turned to us and said ‘I can smell humans’. She’s always been a weird kid and I think that statement proves it!

What‘s your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

Now that I’ve passed my test and sorted a car my favourite thing to do is go out and visit friends.

What’s the most annoying habit other people have?

The most annoying habit that people have in my opinion is when you’re in the car and you’ve got some dope tunes on and someone, usually my Mum, turns down the music to talk to someone and then doesn’t bother turning it back up! It actually annoys me.

I completely agree, I hate it when people take phone calls in your car too and you have to sit there in silence! Who’s your go to band or artist?

I wouldn’t say I have one particular group or artist, I’d just go for something from the 90s!

Great era. What’s the best TV/Netflix series you’ve watched?

There’s so many! People rave about ‘You’ but I wasn’t impressed. Right now I’m really enjoying Friday Night Dinner, there’s nothing else that’s quite like it!

I’m only half way through ‘You’ so can’t comment but FND is legendary! What’s your favourite movie genre?

It’s got to be horror. I love gory horrors, but I also like supernatural stuff too. As much as other people slate it, I really enjoyed The Nun.

What do you love most about working at Click?

I think I love the family vibe the most. You don’t even have to be here a week and you’re friends with everyone. It’s an easy-going environment that’s just so easy to settle into. Even as the different departments grow, everyone is still close and have a laugh together; I think that’s really important.

Great answer mate! I can’t imagine there are too many places that have as good a vibe as we do!

If you enjoyed our latest instalment of Meet the Clickers, be sure to check back next week to find out who’s in the hot seat! If you can’t wait that long, make sure to click here to read our previous episodes!

Al Bakes

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Meet the Clickers – Shahinur Miah

Meet the Clickers is back again and for episode 64 we’re meeting Marketing Assistant Shahinur! Here’s what he had to say about the history of the world and much more…

Hi Shahinur, I hope you’re well. Could you tell us all how you started at Click please?

Hi Alex, I’m good mate thanks. I finished my degree last summer in Marketing, Media and Communications and ended up working in my Dad’s restaurant full time for a few months. I saw the Marketing Assistant role and I decided to apply. I got an interview and the rest is history!

What fictional place would you most like to visit?

There’re quite a few cool fictional places knocking about of course, Hogwarts has to be up there or Westeros if you’re feeling adventurous. But I’d love to go to space so somewhere like Asgard perhaps.

If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning medal for?

That’s a hard one! I’d probably say something like watching YouTube or Netflix; I spend a lot of my free time doing that!

I feel like that would be a popular sport! What do you wish you knew more about?

History’s very interesting but if you think about it, it’s just a person’s/group’s interpretation of something, how do we know if it was real or they were telling the truth? Therefore, I’d like to know more about the controversial moments of the human timeline /mysteries of the world.

Who’s your go-to band or artist when you can’t decide on something to listen to?

I’d just put it on shuffle and wait for something good to come on, however I’ve recently switched to Apple music so I’m having to start my playlists again.

I’m glad you’ve seen the light; Apple Music is the only way to go! What are you interested in that most people haven’t heard of?

Most people have probably heard of this but artificial intelligence. There’s a book I read called Life 3.0 and the first chapter was about how AI will slowly take over humans using real life examples and it blew my mind.

It’s amazing how far that technology has come isn’t it? What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation?

I’m really into Game of Thrones so maybe that? There’s just so much to explain!

I’ve never managed to get into it so that presentation would be pretty useful! If you could spend the day with any celebrity who would it be and what would you do?

I used to be a massive J Cole fan, so I’d probably go for him. I used to watch his interviews and he’s very knowledgeable, so it’d be interesting to just hear what he has to say on various topics.

Great choice! You could make your own Carpool Karaoke! What do you regret not doing or starting when you were younger?

Definitely some kind of MMA or boxing. Everyone should learn how to defend themselves and it’s great for your health.

What do you love most about working at Click?

It’s a very chilled environment, no one’s pressuring you and there are great opportunities for progression and learning!

Perfect Shahinur, there aren’t many places I can think of that provide opportunities like Click!

If you enjoyed Episode 64 of Meet the Clickers, then make sure you read our previous interviews here. If you’re up to date, make sure you come back next week for the latest instalment!

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Meet the Clickers – Gary Williams

Episode 51 of Meet the Clickers has brought us to none other than Gary Williams!

I sat down with him yesterday to discuss his unwavering brand loyalty and celebrity lookalikes!

Hi Gary, I hope you had a lovely trip up to Click HQ! Could you explain to us how you started at Click please?

He hasn’t aged a day has he?

It all started way back when there was just Gerry and a developer and a handful of dealers using ClickDMS. I’d help Gerry onboard and support dealers in the south. As the business grew Gerry asked me to help develop channel partner relationships in the south.

As such, I’m now the Channel Manager for Click Dealer, I’m tasked with developing relationships with finance companies and third party suppliers to generate new revenue streams. I still manage a number of key accounts and help onboard the odd dealer that’s based in the south, especially if there are any bridges to cross!

If time and money weren’t an issue, what hobby would you choose?

I’d love to be an F1 Driver for Ferrari, who doesn’t love a bit of Italian class?

I’m sure you’d cause Hamilton some issues! I’ve heard you’re a bit obsessive when it comes to Starbucks how did that come about?

It’s all brand loyalty! I’m not that into coffee if the truth be known, but I love Starbucks as a brand and I think each day requires one of those cups and sleeves! I’m not one for the reusable cups, What’s the point of saving the planet when I’m not going to be here to enjoy it?

I love their tech too, I can order on an app and slide past the queue also, with every fifteen orders, I get a free one!

What’s your biggest pet hate?

People who ask me questions… No, I’d say litter.

I’m sure those Starbucks cups are recycled! Is it true you have a doomsday bunker under your house?

It is. I’ve got everything in there that you could imagine!

When do you think you’ll be using it?

If not next Tuesday, after the Brexit vote, definitely by March next year!

Ben Wood wants to know if he can hide there after Port Vale’s relegation next year? What’s one thing that would make the world a better place?

Is it true you often get mistaken for Gary Lineker in the street?

Sadly, that isn’t true, it’s more likely to be Kevin Webster from Coronation Street. I’ve also been mistaken for Russell Crowe too.

I suppose you’ve got the knowledge to match Kevin’s! Could you explain to us how your niece (Click Dealer Director, Pippa Rawlinson,) ended up with a black eye after a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

Is this official? Well, we went into the fun house, she was probably only 3 or 4 at the time, her Mum and Dad foolishly entrusted her with me for an entire day. She decided she was going down a slide in said fun house that was a bit vertical…

She also decided she was going to go down head first instead of feet first, who am I to correct her? She slid the entire way down on her face and ended up with a black eye and a burn mark! I took her home, returned her in near new condition and went on my way!

Not quite how Pippa explained it to me! What’s the most annoying question people ask you?

Do you get mistaken for Gary Lineker? No, I don’t get too many annoying questions, I’m quite easy going, one thing that does get me though is people asking for Click’s services for less money! No, we can’t!

What do you love most about working at Click?

I read a lot of these, and everyone says the same thing, how can I be original? The drinks are free, every time I drop in it just gets bigger and better. I still need to pop my head down the bottom and see the new kitchen, I heard it’s magnificent!

I think that’s it for me, we’re constantly changing for the better. The people are alright too, not sure why everyone mentions the Directors in this though, most of them are pregnant!

Perfect Gary, you’ve nailed the original answer!

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Meet the Clickers – Phoebie Day

Hello and welcome back to Meet the Clickers! For episode 62 we’re joined by Phoebie! She’s here to tell us all about Ben Wood’s food addiction and her irrational fears…

Hi Phoebie, how’re you? Could you tell us all how you started at Click please?

I wanted to change my career path completely and found Click advertising on Indeed, I liked the look of the job, applied and quickly got an interview with Ben and Kate.

What’s worth spending more on to get the best?

I’d probably say a car or a house, they both get better the more you spend.

Ben says you’ve got an unhealthy McDonalds obsession, is this true?

That’s not true at all! It’s Ben with the obsession, he just likes to blame me. I wouldn’t say I have a particular obsession with any food.

What’s one thing you’re certain you’ll never try?

Bungee jumping. I absolutely hate heights.

If you knew you had an hour to live what would you try and do?

Other than the obvious stuff, like seeing my family and friends, I’d steal a really nice car and take it for a joyride.

Is it true you’ve nearly killed Ben in your car on multiple occasions?

It is actually, I’ve even started doing it on purpose now to scare him! Although driving like that has had an impact on my black box score…

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’d love to go back and live in Antigua again. It’s such a beautiful place and I’ve still got loads of friends there! There’s just something about working in the sun that makes everything better!

Would you say your best skill is eating other people’s food without buying any yourself?

Definitely, I only need to hear a wrapper rustle and I’m right there next to them asking for a piece! Ben Wilde’s eating healthy at the minute so I’m having all of his unhealthy snacks too.

What’s the most annoying question people ask you?

“Are you ok?” I know they’re just being nice, but it normally comes after I’ve been quiet for more than 30 seconds!

What irrational fears do you have?

Spiders, they freak me out. As soon as I see any type of bug I have to run.

What do you love most about working at Click?

It’s a really happy place, I think in other jobs people come in, sit down and just work for eight hours and go home without really socialising; Click isn’t like that at all. I love the happy, family environment and I’m not sure I could work anywhere without that now!

You’re not wrong Phoebie, everyone always seems to have a smile on their face here!

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Meet the Clickers – Jamie Peters

Episode 58 of Meet the Clickers sees us meet one of five Jamie’s at Click! I sat down with Jamie Peters this week to discuss his detest for WordPress and love of Portuguese chicken!

Hi Jamie, I hope you’re well! How did you start at Click Dealer?

Hi Alex, I’m fine thanks. It all started a little over a year ago, I’d been self employed as a web designer for a couple of years, and in December 2017 me and my fiancée started talking about our plans for the future, the money we were earning wasn’t enough for us to get our own place or anything, so I decided to start looking for a full-time job.

In January 2018 I applied for a job with the web team, got interviewed by Ollie, Will and Keiran Munn, and in the interview we talked about my PHP skills, so they passed me onto Shaun, I had an interview with him a week later, and then started in the Tech team the Monday after that, which also involved moving to my fiancée’s parent’s house in Crewe full-time from my parents’ in South Yorkshire, rather than just stopping there every few weeks!

How has your role changed since you joined us?

When I originally started I was in the Tech Maintenance team, working closely with Graeme, Austin and Jen with changing or fixing little things on the DMS for our dealers. In April/May I had my first big task of creating something new for the DMS, the GDPR dashboard. From then on I’ve been on the projects team, developing new exciting functionality for the DMS, such as Click Leads in the new Accelerator Pack, launching in March. I’ve also worked on functionality for Making Tax Digital and submitting your VAT Return through the DMS.

What do you have against WordPress?

Haha, how long have you got? My main gripe with WordPress started when I was self-employed, unfortunately these days the market is saturated with build your own solutions, such as Wix, Go Daddy, WordPress, which small, new businesses use rather than having a customised website, then there’s the whole market of people who sell themselves as “expert” web designers/developers who just hack together a paid for WordPress theme and a few plugins and sell it off to a client at an inflated ridiculous price, whereas every website I did, I created from the ground up.

When you look at code behind WordPress, its such a mess, there’s no modern coding standards or technologies, it supports out of date versions of PHP out of the box, and if you install the wrong plugins or don’t keep it up to date, it’s a huge security risk.

Done properly, I’ve got nothing against WordPress, I have seen some great WordPress websites and I know people who make decent money creating and selling bespoke custom WordPress plugins, it’s the other end of the spectrum I have issues with!

At least you can back your views up! Favourite Food?

Nando’s. I love a cheeky Nando’s, I’d eat at a Nando’s restaurant every week if I could, I even get their spice packs from the supermarkets and cook my own chicken in it at home if I really fancy one, which is usually a couple of times a week!

We’re huge fans of spicy chicken in the Marketing department too! What fictional place would you most like to visit?

I’m not sure really, I love the Star Wars universe, but I couldn’t pick one place there to visit, there’s so many! I’m also a huge fan of the Harry Potter books, so Hogwarts would be cool, and I love The Big Bang Theory, so maybe I’d go to Pasadena and visit the apartment and meet Sheldon Cooper and everyone else, it’s a tough question!

Some great ideas there, they all sound interesting! What skill would you like to completely master?

Being a techy and a web dev guy, my first thought was Web Development, who doesn’t want to master their own craft? But Web Dev is an ever changing, ever evolving industry, an industry standard now could be completely out of date in six months time, it’s an impossible trade to master.

My other love is playing guitar, I’ve got a sweet Epiphone Les Paul at home that my other half got me for my birthday last year. I love playing guitar, I’ve been playing just over nine years, people tell me I’m good, but I’m good at playing other people’s songs, not writing my own or anything. I’d love to master the guitar though, play solos like Slash, write amazing songs, play on a stage to other people; that’s the dream!

It sounds like you and Steve Connor would make quite the partnership, we just need a drummer and we’ve got a Click band! What’s something everyone is completely obsessed with that you don’t get the point of?

There’s a lot of popular culture I don’t like, a prime example is Game of Thrones It’s huge, and I hear people talking about it regularly, but I just don’t like it, I like fantasy, I read every day on the train to and from work, but I like stories that are semi-grounded in reality, and set in the modern day, Game of Thrones just doesn’t interest me at all.

Can’t argue with that! Would you rather live in the city or the countryside and why?

I like both for different reasons, but I’d like to throw in a third option, the coast. I absolutely love being by the sea, whether that’s a beach, or a cliff top, a hustle and bustle sea side town full of tourists, or a remote cliff top in the middle of nowhere, put me in either, no matter the weather, and I can sit there for hours watching the world go by, watching the water, and just not get bored.

Top answer, there’s something special about the seaside. What do you really want but can’t afford?

I love Lego, I see all these cool Star Wars Lego sets, and Harry Potter Lego sets, and I just want them all, all of the decent ones are ridiculously expensive, and of course it’s having the room to put them. When me and my partner finally get our own place, I’d love a room just full of Lego, and probably guitars and amps too, somewhere for me to just to have fun.

I can’t think of a better use for a spare room! What would you like to know more about?

Since I’ve been at Click I’ve learnt a lot from Kieran Brown, he’s great at what he does, and he’s got a great mindset when it comes to development, standards, good practices and stuff like that. Over the past six months or so I’ve been really trying to up my game and be the best I can be at what I do, challenge myself to learn more and get out of the bad coding habits I’ve been in for 10, 15 years. So, the more I do, the more I learn, and the more I improve.

What do you love most about working at Click?

I love everything about being here, it’s a great company, with a great workspace, and all the people are great. Here in the Tech team we have a lot of laughs and banter and we all get on great with each other, as I said before, I’ve learnt a lot while being here, there’s progression here, and the managers can see that you want to learn more and give you more challenging work to do. Like I said at the start, I went for the Web job, and then ended up in the Tech Team, and then progressed into the projects team after just a few months of being here, and now I’ve had a part in building fantastic new features for our dealers.

The directors are great too, late last year something awful happened in my fiancée’s family, and I had both Pippa R and Ollie, and even other managers asking how we were, offering their support.

It’s great to be part of a family run business, which in the 12 months I’ve been here has progressed so much, I always tell myself I dropped incredibly lucky getting a job at Click, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

You’re not wrong Jamie, Click really is one of a kind!

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