Swansea City star Renato Sanches passes to advertising board instead of team-mate for hilarious reason

So much was promised of Renato Sanches after the Portugal midfielder won the 2016 Golden Boy award.

The then-teenager helped guide Portgual to a famous Euro 2016 title and secured a big money move from Benfica to Bayern Munich.

But Sanches struggled during his first season in the Bundesliga, making just 25 appearances in all competitions – the majority coming from the bench.

The Portugal starlet was subsequently loaned out – and to a destination that surprised pretty much everyone: Swansea City.

Renato Sanches makes his pass

A pin-point effort, straight at Sanches’s target

Paul Lambert can’t believe it

By loaning the 20-year-old to a lesser team in a higher tier, Bayern were hoping Sanches would rediscover his best form.

Alas, the midfield maestro has continued to struggle. Sanches was even hooked at half-time during Swansea’s 0-0 draw with Bournemouth on Saturday.

And things appeared to hit rock bottom for the lad during the Swans’ 1-0 defeat to Chelsea on Wednesday night.

Renato Sanches is struggling at Swansea

Thinking he had spotted a team-mate out of the corner of his eye, Sanches passed the ball directly to his target.

The only problem was, the target in question turned out to be a red Carabao logo – the same colour as Swansea’s shirts – located on the sponsorship hoarding.

Footage of the moment has circulated on Twitter and received plenty of attention…

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Can Renato Sanches get back to his best at Swansea City?


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Butcher warned by police to tone down risqué signs advertising ‘big breasted birds’, ‘big cocks’ and ‘horny sausages’

Butcher Pete Lymer has received a police warning over his risqué blackboard messages – after advertising ‘big breasted birds’, ‘big cocks’ and ‘horny sausages’.

The 43-year-old had been told by officers to tone down his slogans following complaints about them being ‘offensive’.

Now Pete has criticised the decision as ‘political correctness gone mad’ after using his sign outside J W Ash & Son, in Leek, to attract customers for years.

Pete, from Leek, said: “We’ve put the signs out for years and it’s always been a bit of a laugh.

“Just after Christmas apparently somebody complained to the police, saying it was offensive.

“Last month a lady from the police came in and asked if we could pull our sign in. And a bobby came in last Thursday. They’re just doing their job so I’m not annoyed with the individuals.”

Butcher Pete Lymer with the sign outside J W Ash & Son in Leek

The sign on display at the time said ‘big cocks on special offer’.

Pete added: “We did bring them in but then folks kept moaning asking ‘why isn’t your sign out?'”

The blackboard was swiftly changed to say ‘have your rump tenderised before you leave’.

“It’s a sign, and it’s light humour at the end of the day. People do go past beeping their horns at the messages,” he said.

“I think it’s just blown out of proportion. I’m not trying to upset anybody, I’m not the kind of person who would write something genuinely horrible.

“Paul Duffield, who used to work here, started it off with me. About four years ago some ladies posed with him next to the sign – they thought it was funny – and the picture appeared in Take a Break magazine. So I think times have changed a bit. I think political correctness is getting a bit out of hand.”

Pete had even been overwhelmed with responses after he put an appeal on Facebook in January asking people to submit their own risqué sayings.

“It wasn’t even mostly blokes sending them in, it was women!” he said.

Ady Woodcock, co-owner of Moorlands Carpets and Vinyls next door, described the blackboard as ‘banter’.

The 43-year-old, from Leek, said: “It’s a bit of fun and it does make me laugh sometimes. You see people going past taking pictures of it with their phones.

“I’ve known Pete a long time and he has a good sense of humour. I don’t know why this has come out now, all of a sudden. More people seem to be offended nowadays or get upset about certain things. I have never thought that they are particularly offensive but you can’t please everybody.

“I think it’s a bit much the police getting involved.”

Jean Fisher, aged 64, from Leek, added: “That is just Pete’s sense of humour. I didn’t think anybody took that much notice.

“I don’t know why somebody suddenly decided it wasn’t OK. I’ve never thought the signs were too much. It’s quite sad because that’s a part of his shop. He just does it to draw attention to the business. I wouldn’t have thought it was a police matter.”

A Staffordshire Police spokesman said: “We’ve received no complaints about signage outside J W Ash and Son butchers in Leek.

“However, the local Chief Inspector for the Moorlands did advise the owner to give careful consideration to what was written on the boards in case anyone took offence. No other action has been taken.”

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Behold, Disney is advertising for cruise ship workers

Disney is searching for people to work on its cruise ship
(Picture: R.G.Williamson/REX/Shutterstock)

If you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life, they say.

So although an 80-hour working week might sound absolutely exhausting, if you get to live in a Disney cruise ship, how much of it will actually feel like work?

And who doesn’t dream of being paid to travel?

If that sounds like something you’d be up for, you’re in luck – Disney is currently looking for a youth activities counselor to travel on board its luxury cruise ships.

Some of the exciting places you could be visiting include Mexico, the California coast, Barcelona, and a private island in the Bahamas.

Disney is searching for people to work on its cruise ship
(Picture: Design Pics Inc/REX/Shutterstock)

You’ll also have to brush up on your Spanish or Portugese as it’s a preferred quality to have if you want the job.

Other basic requirements include a minimum of two years experience working in a fast-paced recreational environment with children.

It’s far from a party ship, even in your own time; you can’t expect to get hammered at night as staff will be tested for alcohol consumption while on the job.

Basically it’s like a camp on water, which means you will have to share a cabin.

Despite the long hours and intense work environment, other youth activity counsellors say they love the gig.

Disney is searching for people to work on its cruise ship
(Picture: by REX/Shutterstock)

Your main responsibilities will naturally include looking after children – aged three to 17 – and participating in youth activities programs on board the boat.

So you’re basically making dreams come true.

The less fulfilling part of the job involves anything from organising group games to cleaning floors and prepping food trays.

Some of the successful candidates posted online about the application process, saying: ‘You will first get an email, then a Skype and phone call. The process didn’t take too long, I got to know if I got the job in the first couple weeks of applying’.

Another wrote: ‘A very efficient interview with basic questions about yourself as well as the position. Make sure to smile, be yourself and honest with your work experiences.

‘Show them how you would be a perfect fit for the Disney team. The overall experience from interview stage to finding your date is very lengthy, but absolutely worth it’.

One user mentioned that Disney are not big on tattoos on their staff.

According to careers site glassdoor.co.uk, youth activities counselors can earn up to $1,504 (£1,074)  a month with their living expenses covered while at sea.

Certainly not a bad deal.

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American Express pulls advertising from Sky News after far-right extremist interview

American Express has become the first multinational company to pull its advertising from Sky News in the wake of the channel’s interview with the far-right extremist Blair Cottrell.

The finance company’s Australian division announced on Twitter that it had decided to suspend its relationship with the channel.

The company’s account said: “American Express has made the decision to suspend advertising from Sky News, as recent content on the channel does not reflect our brand values.”

The move – the first by a multinational company – comes after Sky News’ The Adam Giles Show on Sunday broadcast an interview with Cottrell, a far-right extremist who has previously said he wanted a portrait of Hitler in every school classroom.

On Monday Sky said it was suspending the show, banning Cottrell from appearing again and announced a restructure of senior management.

On Tuesday evening, a spokesperson said the news channel acknowledged and respected Amex’s decision to suspend advertising, but added they had apologised and addressed the concerns “in the strongest possible way.”

American Express’s decision comes amid an activist campaign to target advertisers urging them to pull commercials from TV networks and newspapers that publish far-right extremist and sexist views.

The campaign group Sleeping Giants Oz has also highlighted the Sky News show Outsiders and News Corp newspapers that syndicated an anti-immigration Andrew Bolt opinion piece last week.

Initially founded in the US as Sleeping Giants, to target the far-right news site Breitbart, the Australian arm of the volunteer organisation was set up in last August.

Organisers say targeting advertisers is the most effective way to fight the normalisation of racism and far-right speech in Australia.

After Cottrell’s Sky News interview on Sunday, the group tweeted out a list of companies that had advertised with Sky News that night.

Qantas, which has a commercial partnership with Sky News and shows the network in its lounges, said it would not alter its arrangement. Nor would other advertisers: the glasses retailer Specsavers, ANZ Bankand Westpac bank.

“People are voiceless,” the organisers, who chose to remain anonymous, said. “They see something on the TV they can do nothing about. They might go on Twitter and have a whinge about it … [but] if media outlets go to air without advertisers it’s a real smack in the face for their credibility.

“We don’t boycott the products of the advertisers, what we are saying is we are looking for advertisers to make a considered ethical decision … Companies are taking blanket advertising, unaware of the content their advertising is aligned with. What we do is bring to their attention, in a polite way.

“Whilst it is not our aim to discourage healthy debate, expression of opinion and freedom of speech, we don’t believe these freedoms should extend to the level of hate speech and misogyny without challenge.”

Organisers said the tactic was proving effective and had led to multiple advertisers pulling out from Outsiders, a show that had come under fire for airing offensive comments about the Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

On Monday they announced that the holiday organiser Luxury Escapes had pulled advertising from Outsiders.

“We have advised a permanent removal from the show (including re runs),” Luxury Escapes wrote on Twitter.

Luxury Escapes (@Lux_Escapes)

Thank you @WYS1WYG – this is exactly what we are doing as we couldn’t agree more.

August 6, 2018

Organisers said they would continue targeting those companies that advertise with Sky, including the nappy maker Huggies.

“We will go back tonight and have a look a which companies are missing [from the channel],” they said. The group also organised phone calls to companies and intend to later pursue shareholder action.

Last week Labor politicians also expressed concern at the escalation of anti-immigrant rhetoric in the national media, after Melbourne’s Herald Sun published a nationally syndicated opinion piece that described suburbs with high Muslim, Jewish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and Italian populations as examples of poor social cohesion.

The article, headlined in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph as “The foreign invasion”, was condemned by the Jewish Community Council of Victoria and was referred to the Australian Press Council for complaint.

The Labor MP Julian Hill, whose electorate covers three of the suburbs that Bolt criticised, said the government needed to show more leadership in fighting racist speech.

Michael Gunner (@fanniebay)

In The Territory you can hear most ancient languages spoken on earth. Traded w Indo for centuries. Chinese arrived in a 1800s rush. 20s, Japanese were 71% of Darwin pop. Right now 1/3 of The Territory born o/s

I see Us everywhere #welcometoTheTerritoryhttps://t.co/Dq4njNZ0Fepic.twitter.com/2eudoqkVBG

August 2, 2018

“The people he is dismissing and belittling are Australians,” he said. “The sheer human diversity is, I believe, a immense strength.

“There’s a very deliberate pattern from the government … If the PM [Malcolm Turnbull] doesn’t call this stuff [anti-immigrant sentiment] out in his own party room – I’m not saying respond to every silly article from Andrew Bolt, we have better things to do in the day – but his failure to do so says all we need to do.”

The shadow attorney general, Mark Dreyfus, whose neighbouring electorate was also criticised, also rejected Bolt’s claims.

“It’s a place of great harmony and the idea that there is some siloing going on is simply wrong,” he said. “Anti-immigrant language has been used by senior Liberal ministers.

“It is language we should never hear from leaders of a multicultural community like Australia. The repeated talk about gangs in Victoria, in Melbourne, is a racialising of criminal activity where the ethnicity of perpetrators of crime is almost never relevant.”

Tim Wilson, who represents neighbouring suburbs, said he disagreed with Bolt’s claim that migrants harmed social cohesion, but that he was entitled to raise his concerns.

“There have always been people who have raised concerns about multiculturalism, and they should be entitled to do so as it is a matter of public policy,” Wilson said. “I do not think it is growing … Healthy societies debate topics. Sick societies shut down debate.”

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New Zealand’s first cannabis advertising campaign draws complaints | Stuff.co.nz

A billboard campaign promoting cannabis as a medicine has sparked a fierce debate including complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Helius Therapeutics, a licenced medicinal cannabis company, has launched the billboards following last week’s legalisation of medicinal cannabis manufacture, to “rebrand” cannabis.

But Hilary Souter of the ASA said three people had laid formal complaints so far. 

“In broad terms, people are expressing concern whether or not it’s legal to promote medicinal cannabis – that’s obviously not an issue the ASA can deal with – and the other matter that people are raising is about children. The fact that it’s a billboard medium means it’s got an unrestricted audience.”

One Stuff commenter, “Dr Rubber,” said he had complained to the ASA even though he was a marijuana user, because he was worried children would get a false impression about cannabis.

“Derivatives and parts of it can be used medicinally, but there’s other things that go on with smoking cannabis that aren’t ideal, like psychosis or anxiety, depression in certain users.”

Helius Therapeutics’ billboard in Auckland’s Anzac Ave advertising cannabis as a medicine, following law changes which allow it.

“To me, I liken that to saying opium is medicine. Just because we use a part of it for medicinal purposes…”

The commenter said he had dropped out of school a year after being introduced to cannabis at the age of 14 and blamed it for setting him on a bad path. He didn’t want that for his kids, he said.

But a blogger whose son needs cannabis to control his life-threatening seizures says she pleased to be part of Helius’ public awareness campaign.

Katy Thomas, whose son has a rare form of epilepsy, shooting an ad for Helius Therapuetics’ cannabis awareness campaign.

​Katy Thomas’s four-year-old son Edward has a rare form of epilepsy which is resistant to anti-epilepsy drugs. Thomas found during a seizure that cannabis had an immediate effect on Edward and spent a year going from doctor to doctor, trying to get a prescription for him.

She said the family had just marked a year without a night at hospital.

At the moment, she said she had to import the right type of cannabis for Edward before it wasn’t present in New Zealand, at great cost. But she hoped a local market and Government funding might bring down prices for others.

“The biggest issue any medicinal marijuana patient is not only access in the literal sense, getting someone to prescribe it to you … there’s also an access issue around funding, because it’s not currently funded, so the price is incredibly prohibitive.

“The idea that there might be a local producer not only increases the number of products that are available to patients, because right now it’s very restrictive.

Should New Zealand legalise cannabis?

Do you think it’s high time New Zealand legalised cannabis? Or only for medicinal use? Or maybe the drug should only be decriminalised?

“It will reduce the final cost to the consumer because you’re not paying shipping cost, you’re not paying for transport fees, all that malarky by having it produced close to home.

“I really feel that there is definitely a growing section of society that wants to take charge of their own health.”

​Paul Manning, Helius’ executive director, said the campaign was designed to heighten awareness and remove the stigma of using cannabis for medicinal reasons.

“The truth is, it will be everyday people who use medicinal cannabis, which will soon become a very mainstream product.”

Helius has no products to sell yet because the regulations are still being drawn up, so Manning said the company’s current focus was on research and education.

With regard to the ASA complaints, Manning said it was a “stretch” to suggest that a billboard was going to encourage children to start smoking.

“We’re a Kiwi start-up researching and developing health products  – products that Parliament now supports, as do the overwhelming majority of New Zealanders. 

“This is about encouraging education and creating safe, regulated medicinal products which will soon be available for hundreds of thousands of sick Kiwis who desperately need them.”

Paul Manning says the public still needs to guide regulations for medicinal cannabis which will be drawn up next year.

As well as permitting a medicinal cannabis industry, Parliament last year gave doctors the ability to prescribe cannaboidial (CBD) products to patients without needing approval from the health minister.

However, the ministry still has to consult on the regulations, licensing rules and quality standards which medicinal cannabis manufacturers would have to meet. Helius expects to have products available to patients by 2020.

Other Kiwis in Helius’ campaign include medicinal cannabis advocate Pearl Schomberg and Emmelene Pryce whose child suffers from epilepsy.

Neville Findlay, founder of clothing company Zambesi, is also involved, as is Helene Ravlich (a mother, writer and breast cancer survivor), Grace Boyle (a marketer and medical cannabis advocate), Myken Stewart (New Zealand Fashion Week founder and endometriosis sufferer), and Danny Battershill (cannabis patient suffering from severe auto-immune eczema).

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Breitbart declares war on Kellogg’s after cereal brand pulls advertising from site

The right-wing news site Breitbart has declared “#WAR” on Kellogg’s, calling for a boycott of the cereal company’s products after they decided to cease advertising on the site.

On Tuesday, the Kellogg Company pulled their adverts from the site, saying that it wasn’t “aligned with our values”. Recent inflammatory stories include “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive And Crazy”; “Data: Young Muslims In The West Are A Ticking Time-Bomb” and “Would You Rather Your Child Had Feminism Or Cancer?”.

“We regularly work with our media-buying partners to ensure our ads do not appear on sites that aren’t aligned with our values as a company,” Kris Charles, a spokeswoman for Kellogg’s, told Bloomberg. “We recently reviewed the list of sites where our ads can be placed and decided to discontinue advertising on Breitbart.com. We are working to remove our ads from that site.”

Other companies have pulled ads from the site, including Allstate, Nest, EarthLink, Warby Parker, SoFi and the investment group . Many did not realise they were advertising on Breitbart because their campaigns are run through automated systems which distribute ads across a large network of sites.

In response to Kellogg’s statement, Breitbart published a furious attack on the cereal company on Wednesday saying that the move represents “an escalation in the war by leftist companies … against conservative customers”. Editor-in-chief Alexander Marlow called for a boycott of the company’s products, saying: “For Kellogg’s, an American brand, to blacklist Breitbart News in order to placate left-wing totalitarians is a disgraceful act of cowardice.”

Breitbart News, founded in 2007 by conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart, rose swiftly to prominence in the last year as it became what its former chairman Stephen Bannon – now senior advisor to the president-elect – called “the platform for the alt-right”, a far-right political movement with links to white supremacist organizations.

Steve Bannon: the strategist behind Trump’s travel ban

“They insult our incredibly diverse staff and spit in the face of our 45,000,000 highly engaged, highly perceptive, highly loyal readers, many of whom are Kellogg’s customers,” said Marlow, whose publication ran a story in 2015 with the headline Hoist It High And Proud: The Confederate Flag Proclaims A Glorious Heritage .

“Boycotting Breitbart News for presenting mainstream American ideas is an act of discrimination and intense prejudice,” he added. “If you serve Kellogg’s products to your family, you are serving up bigotry at your breakfast table.”

The article ends with a list of Kellogg’s products followed by the phrase “Kellogg’s: #WAR” and a link to advertise with the site.

Kellogg’s decision to pull its ads coincided with a campaign by Twitter user Sleeping Giants to pressure firms to drop their ads from Breitbart. Sleeping Giants is now receiving support from a likeminded online campaign to persuade consumers to boycott the Trump brand and any retailers carrying their products, organized around the hashtag #GrabYourWallet.

The targeting of advertisers recalls a similar campaign perpetrated against the now-defunct Gawker Media by the Gamergate movement which Breitbart vocally supported. Breitbart technology editor and “alt-right” darling Milo Yiannopoulos wrote at the time to chastise Gawker for not “apologi zing for the tone of its coverage and the language of its writers”.

Representatives for Kellogg’s and Breitbart News did not respond to requests for comment.

  • Joanna Walters contributed reporting.

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Meet the Clickers – Reece Harbour

Episode 61 of Meet the Clickers is here and this week we have Reece Harbour sharing his thoughts on everything from self-checkout etiquette to an ice-cream only diet!

Hi Reece, I hope you’re well. Could you tell us all how you started at Click please?

I am well thank you, Alex. Just after university I started working at a car insurance company as a website developer and after a while I wanted more variety. I came across Click Dealer who had a vacancy and after a couple of interviews with Shaun, Graeme and Pete; I got the job!

How has your role progressed since then?

When I started out, I was working alongside Austin and Graeme helping to maintain the DMS. After a few months, Shane asked if I could also help him and Martyn with the website maintenance. There was a time where I was only working on the websites which is a great responsibility and I worked directly with web changes and web delivery. Now I float between the two doing what I can. I also started doing the daily stats which has been quite good and a nice responsibility. It’s a good variety from what I was doing originally.

If time and money were no issue, what hobby would you like to take up?

Without hesitation, boat restoration. I’d buy some old boats and fix them up then probably go sailing.

Favourite TV series?

Warehouse 13, Legion, Atlanta and Lost

There are a few more to add to my list… What’re you interested in that most people haven’t heard of?

Tomb Raider comic books, they came out in the 90s and disappeared after Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness the video game. I recently discovered them on eBay and was very much reminded of when I used to play the games on PS1/2. A lot of people would have heard of them back then but as it has been so long most of those people would have forgotten so I guess that counts, right?

That definitely counts, the Tomb Raider games were unreal! Where do you want to visit most in the world?

Any Scandinavian country or Canada, my partner and I are hoping we can move to Canada in a decade or so.

Can’t go wrong with either of those destinations. What do you wish you knew more about?

First aid and generally things that can be useful.

If you were the only human left on earth, what would be the first thing you’d do?

Sail the world, after finding a boat (free real estate, right?) whilst living off of ice-cream.

I wouldn’t mind commandeering Roman Abramovich’s boat! There are two types of people in this world. What are the two types?

Those who know two types of people and those who Google best ways to categorise two types of people.

If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make?

For people to not use shopping trolleys in self-checkout areas as much as a “first world problem” as that sounds.

I like that a lot! What do you love most about working at Click?

The knowledge. The amount of people in the office provides a wealth of knowledge from vehicles to artisanal skills; it’s astonishing. Paul & I often talk about cooking and he’s given me some good tips on recipes that end up being well received. Jen & I talk about sewing and crafts. I’m sure your desk neighbour can teach you a thing or two about anything.

Great Answer Reece! I’m not too sure what Joe could teach me though…

I’m afraid that’s it for episode 61 of Meet the Clickers, don’t forget to come back next week for a fresh instalment. Make sure you click here to view our old interviews too!

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Meet the Clickers – Martyn Ball

We are back once again to bring you another episode of Meet the Clickers!

For episode 31 I caught up with Motorbike lover and ‘Egg in a bag’ enthusiast, Martyn Ball!

Martyn! How are we mate? Good to catch up. Could you tell the readers at home when you joined Click Dealer and how it came about?

“Hi Joe, not too bad thank you. Well I joined Click a little over 2 years ago now, March 2016. I had not long finished University and was just working as a doorman on the weekends.

I got told there was a position here in the Web Team by Kev who was here at the time, he is friends with my dad. So that’s when I sent in my CV and got an interview with Oli!”

Great stuff. Could you now tell us a bit about your role within the business and what it involves on a day-to-day basis?

“Well I’m now within the tech department as I made the move from Web not too long ago. I perform a large range of tasks day by day, from adding data into the database for redirects or blogs, to fixing any technical issues on the dealers websites.

I also help with developing new functionality and improvements for the websites.”

What is the most annoying habit that other people have?

“Other peoples annoying habits? Well, everyone here will be used to my rants, but INDICATORS! 99.8% of drivers these days don’t use indicators and it drives me mental!

It’s right next to your hand and lets people know where your going, so you don’t crash… even more important for me being on a motorbike. That’s probably the biggest annoying habit that other people have for me.”

Hahaha, 99.8% of drivers, that a bold claim Mart! What are the best and worst purchases you have ever made?

“Best purchase I have made is my Kawasaki Z800 Sugomi! Absolutely love my bike, it’s just fun to travel anywhere! Not too sure on what my worst purchase has been, I tend to get bored late at night and buy random things from eBay, so probably just purchased loads of rubbish haha.”

You have been known in the office for bringing in some quite random lunches in, such as scrambled egg in a bag. Could you tell us where you get these culinary ideas from?

“Well Joe, this was a ONE TIME event! Not too sure what went through my mind when I did that, there was a reason (excuse?) however.

People in the office seem to find it strange that I had sausage rolls for breakfast sometimes when I’m running late, not entirely sure why that’s so strange!?”

Sausage rolls not so bad, egg in a bag is a whole different kettle of fish Mart. What is the dumbest way you have ever been injured?

“Where do I start? Well probably the dumbest was when I put my hand through a window when I was younger… I had friends around, something happened, I got angry and slammed the back door, but I pushed it shut with the glass pane – unknowingly at the time – which smashed and cut open my thumb, wrist and an artery. Pretty messy, I must say!

Probably ONE of the stupidest ways, another 2 would be being hit by a Transit Van, and breaking my jaw, but stories for another day!”

Not an ideal situation that Martyn I must say. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

“This is a tough one! I would probably go with the ability to fly, simply so I could just go anywhere I want anytime.”

What is the hardest thing you have ever done and why?

“Probably the 3 Peaks Challenge! I found this quite mentally challenging, get up and down one mountain just to go to the next one and go up! But since then I have been up Snowdon 6 times! I want to try the challenge again, as I was 1 hour 30 minutes late and failed the challenge.”

The 3 Peaks Challenge was definitely a slog! What are you most looking forward to in the next 10 years?

“Hmm, I don’t really plan too far in advance at all! But maybe getting myself a house, with a nice big garage and many more motorbikes! Finally packing in the doors would be nice, would love to get my weekends back.

Maybe all my hard work in the gym every night will pay off and finally be ripped maybe!?”

Last but not least, what do you love most about working at Click?

“Just the general working environment, and the people! Click is a cracking place to work.”

Thanks for that Martyn, some cracking answers there. Big thank you for getting involved in Meet the Clickers, really appreciate it.

As for everyone at home, we hope you all enjoyed the latest instalment of our series, the next addition will be out this time next week but if that’s too long to wait, please click here to check out our other episodes.

J Pod.

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Meet the Clickers – Ryan Weeks

Episode 59 of Meet the Clickers is here! Ryan has been called up to the hot seat to chat about snowboarding with the Kiwis and his burning question about life!

Hi Ryan, could you tell us all how you started at Click?

I moved to Stoke last year and was immediately on the hunt for a new job similar to my last with great career progression. I was offered an interview a few days after applying and was given the job not long after that! Click just seemed like a great place to work and the people I met on the first day really made me feel at home and that has carried on since!

Good stuff. How has your job changed since you arrived?

I’ve been here for just over a year now and I’ve already been trusted with ClickEngage. I love having the responsibility for such a big product and it just goes to show how much trust there is!

I’ve been told you’re a Man City fan, when did you jump on the bandwagon?

Haha, I have been a Man City fan for quite a long time now. Before anyone asks, it was before everyone labelled them Glory Hunters! Sergio Aguero is by far my favourite player.

Sure you have… Do you agree that your favourite music genre is identical to the FIFA music library?

This is very true. Although it seems boring, it has introduced me to a whole load of new artists and with that I’ve broadened my musical knowledge.

There are some top bands on there to be fair! What do you miss most about Cornwall?

I miss how beautiful and quiet it is. It will always be in my heart.

Don’t think you could have picked a more polar opposite place than Stoke! Would you like to guess how much money you’ve spent on FIFA over the years?

Not a lot in all honesty. I’ve only recently started opening packs, although it really doesn’t matter how many I open, I can never get anyone good! Jake Mallin’s pack luck is incredible…

What’s something you really want to try?

I really want to try Rally Driving. It’s something which looks easy but would be incredibly hard to master. I like a new challenge.

See a bit of Ken Block in yourself, do you? Where’s the most interesting place you’ve visited?

It would have to be The Remarkables in Queenstown, New Zealand. First experience snowboarding and loved every second of it. The views are Remarkable… haha.

That looks incredible! What is your most impressive skill?

How positive I am, knowing a result will eventually come out of something if I persevere. I also have quite a keen eye for goal too as a striker, my composure and vision are next level.

What question would you most like to know the answer to?

How we got here and what happens when we leave.

What do you love most about working at Click?

The people and the career progression are second to none. I love how I’ve already been trusted to take on bigger tasks too; it really makes you feel valued.

Thanks for that Ryan! I completely agree.

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