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CLicking and viewing sites is something everybody does on a daily basis for free. At the same time publishers and advertizers are on desperate quest for more visitors and viewers. Theclickers is an innovative program that compines these two. Advertizers give a reward directly to the real visitors for their visit or activity.


Setting up and displaying your link or banner ads with TheClickers is fast and simple. Our website is very easy to use and will allow you to earn awesome visitors for any site you choose (given, it is within our terms) whether it be a personal blog, ebay shop, auction listing, referral URL to one of your affiliate programs, or a business website that you are promoting.

With us you get 24 Hour Unique Hits, Targeted Traffic, Free Live Stats, Automated Transactions, Different Advertising Options & Low Rates. Visit our Purchase Page for ordering.


  • We offer the best price/link value ratio in the market
  • Free Live Stats, Automated Transactions
  • True Targeted Cost-Effective Traffic
  • Ads Visible to non-Members for Free
  • Strong Anti-Cheat Protection
  • Get active referrals and members for your sites and forums or followers and likes for social networks

Earn cash for your online activities

LET\’S KEEP THIS SITE SIMPLE. Just Click ads, read emails, visit websites and you will get paid – as long as you have ONLY ONE account and you DO NOT VIOLATE our terms in any way.
Complete offers like signups to free sites, etc and earn more. We offer a really cool affiliate program that is setup so that you earn 20% of the earnings of any person you directly refer to our site. Just like the rest of our site, the affiliate program is completely free and you can start telling people about us as soon as you join!

Premium members earn more from the affliate program! Visit our Memberships page or our Forum for more info.
Many ways to earn

Get Paid to Click and view sites
Get Paid to Read emails
Up to 100% Commission on Referral Earnings
5-10% Commission on Referral Purchases
15-90 cents Paid to Sign Up to free sites or even more for completing simple tasks
Many contests. Big Prizes
Payments Via PayPal, Payza and Liberty Reserve
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Get The Downline you want

How much money or time or effort do you spend just to get some referrals for your favorite programs? Are they active?

Get some active referrals for as low as 30 cents each or even better you name the number and the price! Take a look at our outstanding offers or just ask admins for a package that suits you the best.
The facts

Get active referrals for any free to join program in the world
You set the price (minimum 30 cents).
You judge their activity for 7 days.
Or you can just buy sign ups for your social network


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