Author Topic: How to Put Signup Offers (PTSU), Monitor & Manage Them.  (Read 3336 times)

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How to Put Signup Offers (PTSU), Monitor & Manage Them.
« on: April 08, 2013, 05:52:25 PM »
With PTSU Offers, Advertisers Offer an Incentive to Members
that Complete their Offer And have followed their instructions.
We DO NOT Provide e.g. Direct referrals to your Link/Site.
We Only Provide You the Signup Credits,
then the Offers are Managed by You.
The term "Guaranteed Signups" means that while in other advertising methods you do not know how many members you may get,
with PTSU you always Know that You'll get Signups equivalent to the Credits you bought.

From "Manage Ads" go to "SignUp Offers" and click on "Create New Ad".
Add the Title of Your Offer and your instructions if any. E.g.:"Theclickers, Be Active to get Approved".
Add the Link that others must visit to complete the offer,
and Add Offer.

Now you can add the number of credits you want.
Check often your Offers, if someone completes one of them,
you can monitor the offer and approve or deny in X days.

""Advertiser signup approval is currently enabled. This means that you must approve or deny any signups for your PTSU program. Any signups that are not approved or denied after 8 days will automatically be approved with no option to dispute validity. Also keep in mind, if you purposely deny signups that are valid, you will lose all your remaining credits without a refund and you may lose your account. ""

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