A bit of our history

This is a short historic of how we started and where are we now:


The beginning of the road

December 16th 2007. A new era for PTC. Theclickers launches with the aim to bring PTC sites to a new era, leading them to the next level. And the Leader it was destined to be.


May 1st Our second site

Theclickers.net has a new sibling. Cash Harvest. An Innovating Beauty. Our Slogan "Whet your sickles and get ready for your Cash Harvest".


1 Year, 30,000 members

More than 35 millions hits, More than 200 offers to sign up every single day. Members awarded "The Best Aurora, ever" title to Theclickers...


February 16tht Our third site

It's Velvet, it's beautiful. TheClickers Present Velvet Clix, the third site of TC Network.


3 years - 100,000 members

Three years and the 100,000 members Milestone. More than 140,000 hits daily, 18 millions Paid Links, 17,908 ads served, 69,885 Paid to members, 76,420 redeemed for ads.


Fresh look, fresh ideas, fresh opportunities

We have added six years Experience to Innovation, Integrity and Consistency. Our goal is Quality traffic for advertisers and more earning possibilities for members / affiliates.


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